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Roberto Giacomucci: Craftsman of design, he catches the soul of the material to be molded.

Posted on2020-08-18 226

Roberto Giacomucci

Roberto Giacomucci is an architect from Ancona. While still studying architecture at university, in 1984 he established his own business under the name "Studio Progex", working in design and communications; he also acquired experience as an interior designer. Most of his work as a designer was oriented towards the furniture, lighting and bathroom furnishing sector.
He worked as consultant and Art Director for a number of Italian companies.
For him, design is a passion born almost by accident that became a lifestyle. Through the knowledge acquired after his degree in Architecture and years spent “in the field” he has learned how to handle spaces, techniques and materials. As a true “craftsman of design”, he believes that is fundamental to explore the soul of each material to shape, verifying step by step the transformation and establishing a unique relationship with the object. He is an ironic and eclectic designer, but practical at the same time and not a mere visionary of unfeasible ideas. Art Director of companies of which he loves to enhance the mood, he applies strategic / communication skills to promote the widespread and “democratic” diffusion of the projects.

Roberto Giacomucci realizations:

Marchetti Pura

Marchetti Cruna

Marchetti Intrigo

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